Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 girls, 4 parks.

Yesterday, we did Disney. All of it. All in one day. Not possible, you say? Honey, we are superhuman.

We got a slightly late start and didn't leave till after 8 a.m., but we arrived at Animal Kingdom around 9:30 and the place was damn near empty. This is why we decided to wait till Monday to do the parks. We walked straight on to Dinosaur with no wait. Straight on to Expedition Everest with no wait. We knew we'd spend the least amount of time here, which is why we hit it first.

And we were on our way to MGM by 11a.m.

Screw you, it's still MGM to me. "Studios" was the closest thing to an abbreviation we got from our wonderful free-pass-provider (!!!), a parks employee. "Studios" is not what I want to call the park I always knew as MGM.

We did lunch first ... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Hot dogs WITH PULLED PORK AND COLE SLAW (on what appears to be a sandwich roll) at Fairfax Fare.

Can we talk about the uniforms for that restaurant ...? My order was taken by a lovely older white woman. On her, the outfit looks like a little-old-lady costume, so it didn't even register. However, while waiting for my meal, I realized that much of the staff was black, and on them, the same dress looks a little ... how do you say ... mammyish? It made me extremely uncomfortable. If I were black, I would flat-out refuse to wear that oufit. It is shockingly bad. Disney, get your shit together. This is not okay.

And then, frozen margaritas. Because YOLO.

Becca and I decided to check out the American Idol Experience, as we're both actress-singers. We made it through the first round -- Casting Director Alice was fantastic -- and went to the Coke Lounge to rehearse our songs via the iPods given to us by cast member Ashley (who was also fantastic). We both sang for Producer Glenn, and were offered spots in the 5:00 show, but due to the tightness of our single scheduled day at the parks, we ended up turning it down and heading back out into the park. I was thrilled by our experience with the attraction, though, and can't wait to go back to follow through to the show!! It was just too much of a time-commitment, and we'd already spent a solid hour making our friends wait for us. We'd have had to come back for a rehearsal, then return again for the show, then potentially the final, 6:00 p.m. championship round, if either of us had won the audience vote during our first stage appearance.

We hit The Great Movie Ride (duh) and then Star Tours (my favorite -- have we discussed my nerdiness yet?). This was my first time on the updated version -- fun, but anticlimactic. Naboo is NOT climactic. Really, George Lucas? Really? Disney, you can do better.

Finally, we headed over to check out Rock 'n' Roller Coaster/Tower of Terror. We hadn't had to wait in lines for anything all day, but the wait for each of these rides was about 30 minutes and we still had two parks to go. So we headed over to my favorite -- EPCOOOOOOT!!!

Spaceship Earth -- obvi. Then some soda-tasting. I quite liked the Italian "bitter" soda Beverly, but nobody else did. I'm not big on sweets, though. :)

Then the World Showcase!!! Gran Fiesta Tour at Mexico, natch. This is where we girls picked up and added the phrase "Fiesta Hoy" to our absurd vacation hashtag-catchphrases, "VACACIONES!" and "YOLO." Another post for another time, perhaps? We enjoyed ourselves way too much. Also, no such thing.

Norway has always been and will always be my favorite. My obsession with all things Celtic and mythology drives me straight to Norway every time.  I swear I should have been a Viking. Maelstrom was a bit awkward as they put the four of us adults (Becca, Lisa, our pass-provider Josh, and myself) into the same row ... and we were uncomfortably squished. So was pretty much everybody else in the boat. Whatever, Norwegian kids.

Passing through China, we stopped at a drink stand and despite our yearning to try their plum wine beverage, the three of us girls opted for their limited-time specialty drink: a concoction of tea, coffee, and Bourbon with whipped cream on top that was basically alcoholic Starbucks. What about it was Chinese? Nothing. (Becca kept exclaiming, "It had tea in it!") But it was DELICIOUS.

We made it as far as Morocco, scoping out dinner locations, before heading back to eat at La Hacienda de San Ángel on the water in Mexico, which opened since my last trip to WDW. And it was FANTASTICO. The four of us shared La Hacienda and Del Mar, both of which are large platters meant to serve two people. ALL THE FOODS WERE AMAZING. Corn, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, beef, chorizo, vegetables ... we didn't even touch the rice and beans. There were leftovers. Incredible. Recommend, recommend, recommend.

After dinner, we headed to the Monorail and into the Magic Kingdom! We just missed Wishes (it was finishing as we pulled up to the park), but because the park was open till 11 we'd purposely planned to finish our night here. And of course the park emptied out as the fireworks ended. Again, NO WAIT FOR ANYTHING! We went straight to Haunted Mansion and walked right into our cars. We went to Pirates of the Caribbean and walked straight into our cars. 

I had my first-ever Dole Whip (finally)!!!

We hit Thunder Mountain and waited -- the horror -- maybe 10 minutes?! 

Then we swung through new Fantasyland and I finally lost my shit. I played Belle twice on stage and I'm kind of an even split between her and Rapunzel (with a sprinkling of Jasmine). I literally sang and danced (and squealed, and cried, a little bit) through the park. We couldn't get into Be Our Guest to take pictures, but ...


Then Space Mountain. We waited five minutes.

Then Peoplemover.

By then it was 10:45. We headed over to Peter Pan's Flight to see if we could get on -- I still don't understand why, but that ride had a freakin' line as the park was about to close. We were among the last people to get on before they cut the line. And it was lovely. But I still don't understand why it has a five-hour line at all times of the day! The park was empty; the final 30 people at Magic Kingdom (us included) were probably on this ride. Hysterical.

And then, finally, home. Longest day ever. BEST DAY EVER. I lost count of how many times we exclaimed our shock and pride and excitement that we had been so lucky throughout the day and hit ALL FOUR PARKS.


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