Friday, February 21, 2014

boom. done.

First runDisney event: COMPLETE!!

My friends R and L, along with L's parents, picked me up at my motel this morning at 4:15a.m. and we'd arrived and parked at Epcot by 4:45. 

Shoot me.

It was cold, but not as cold as NYC has been all freakin' winter. #firstworldproblems.

We headed right into the event area, where a DJ named Steve (because what else would a Disney DJ be named) was leading the crowd in a series of "warm-ups" about which I grew increasingly skeptical -- during "What Does the Fox Say?" we were basically doing hand puppets. Without puppets.

I was in Corral B, which was easy to find, as all the corrals had a massive paper lantern hung from a pole with their respective letters on them. They were visible across the lot above all the thousands of Disneyfied runners milling about. My friends were in other corrals, so we said goodbye around 5:45 (FREEZING by this time), and I crammed in with all my fellow cattle (don't worry, there was plenty of breathing room -- it was humane cattle-herding). Corral B's official start was about 8 minutes behind Corral A (kicking things off at 6:15 sharp), but we were walking toward the starting line about 3 minutes after the race officially started, which was nice, since, again, IT WAS COLD.

The beginning of the race was difficult to navigate due to the crowd, but there were stretches during Mile 1 where I was able to jog with some freedom. Once we entered Epcot, right about the time we hit the first mile marker, folks started queuing up on the sides of the path for pictures with characters (in Corral B? what the whaaat?) and the road became much clearer.

Aside: why was it only male characters out and about -- Flik, Genie, Beast? Considering it's Princess weekend ...?

My personal goal was to run the 3.1 miles without stopping, regardless of time. I'd made myself a playlist of 11 Disney songs, which I've been training to for about a month, and my secondary goal was to get through the whole playlist and not repeat any songs before I'd crossed the finish line.

I paused at both water stops to grab some hydration, since I needed it and I wanted to focus on my health and endurance, not my speed, and there was span of about 30-45 seconds where I walked -- around the time I hit France in the World Showcase (Mile 2, give or take) because my heart was acting up. After that, I pushed myself to keep running, but slowed up a bit.

The sun came up as I was running around World Showcase Lagoon. I kind of wanted to stop to take pictures, but I know I'll be back for another run. I didn't want to stop! I knew I'd be disappointed in myself if I didn't push forward.

It was awesome to see the finish line and the colors and characters in daylight. The first song on my playlist had gotten about 3/4 of the way through its second play when I finished. I pounded out that final stretch and was so glad to get my medal and free food on the other side!

Oh yeah -- FREE FOOD. Banana, water, and a little cardboard box filled with mini treats. 

Disney, you whore. You know how to get a girl all worked up.

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