Thursday, February 13, 2014

she wants to celebrate.

i love dinner parties.

i'm not sure why, because i don't believe i've ever really attended any ... (potlucks are a whole different thang).

i think what i'm trying to say is i like FOOD. i like cooking, friends, and the controlled, relaxed environment of a home (i.e. unlike any public place you can eat in NYC). BOOM = dinner party.

in december, i threw my first annual harry potter christmas dinner. i cooked and served five courses. i went nuts decorating my crammed little apartment kitchen (i have no living room). i rented a table and chairs, came up with two themed cocktails, crafted butterbeer as party favors, and made a 10-hour playlist.

i can't wait to do it again!

i've already decided that this coming year -- whether or not i'm still living in the same tiny apartment, and hopefully it will be NOT -- i will FINALLY throw my dream halloween party: disney-themed. duh. everyone MUST come as a different disney character. i'm mulling my own participation as a dr. facilier host ... but there are SO MANY characters i want to be ...

and then, today, i came across this:



so i'm now also going to throw an un-birthday dinner party. probably in july. because my birthday is right at the beginning of january, and for a number of reasons it usually sucks, so july sounds like a good excuse for a dinner party. 

actually, any day is a good excuse for anything alice-themed. and i'll be able to show off this amazing print by my favorite illustrator of all time, arthur rackham, that i snagged FOR FREE (the day of my harry potter party, interestingly) from a neighbor's front-lawn giveaway:

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