Wednesday, February 12, 2014

she wants to run.

I am Miri.

This is my blog.

I am the she, and I want the D..........eeeeeeisney.

I am a non-runner who started running and am running my first runDisney event in 10 days. 

Count how many times that last sentence used versions of the word "run."

I've always been "athletic," thanks to a childhood of martial arts and occasionally soccer, dance, and softball (I was a drama geek, duh), and I am naturally thin (thanks, Mom ... and Grandpop). I live in New York City and walk everywhere, which also contributes to my general trimness. But a few years ago, after never in my life having run for exercise (or fun), I worked for Asics at the New York Marathon, and was so thoroughly inspired that I decided I wanted to be a part of the millions who run for exercise and fun. 

Yes, despite my exercise-induced asthma (hospitalized once at 13! ...for hyperventilating ......probably because I had a panic attack during the asthma attack ............. I'M SOOPER COOL, YOU GUISE) and probable (but basically undiagnosable) heart condition (I passed out most recently while *singing* at a musical theater callback in December! Yay!), I decided I wanted to do -- for fun -- strenuous cardio activity with very little "wow" factor.

I'm certain my attraction to running had something to do with the costumes.

In 2013, I "ran" (mostly) my first 5K (in a tutu, which was obviously the most important part) and have continued running regularly ever since.

And though the Cinderella Royal Family 5K (one of the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Weekend events) will be my first, I have already decided to run every single one of the numerous runDisney events.

Not all in one year, of course. GUFFAW. Starving artist, here. 

But at some point! *upward finger point of determination* And this blog will chronicle my magical adventures!

I'm already planning to return to Disney World in the fall for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler. I've never run more than 3 miles at a time (but I've now done it a few times WITHOUT STOPPING OMG IT IS A BIG DEAL WHEN CARDIO ALWAYS FEELS LIKE IT'S DESTROYING YOU), but 8 months is pleeeennnnnnty of time to train for a less-than-half marathon. 

... Right?

So since this post has contained almost NO content except a healthy dose of my killer sardonic wit, below is my current exercise schedule! I'm quite the busy lassie, and hitting all these days is usually a stretch, but I ought to be doing some weight training, and adopt some sort of speed work to push my running training. What should I add? Apps you can recommend? I love a good app.

Back to Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Monday -- run 30 minutes (without stopping)
Tuesday -- 1 hour hot Pilates
Wednesday -- run 30 minutes (without stopping)
Thursday -- 1 hour mat Pilates
Friday -- run 30 minutes (without stopping)
Saturday or Sunday -- run 3 miles

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