Saturday, March 15, 2014

and the reason i disappeared is ...

after my most recent trip to disney world (princess half marathon weekend), i arrived home with three days to finish editing an episode of the webseries i write, direct, and star in, "mythos," as well as complete at least 30 hours of my office job. i spent about two weeks depriving myself of sleep to squeak out enough hours to pay my rent, and also finish "mythos" by the deadlines i'd set!

now that "mythos" is over for the time being, i'm able to return to my training (running today for the first time in three weeks ... but OUTSIDE! it's FINALLY GORGEOUS in new york!! aaaannnd of course it will be 25 and snowy next week again) and focus on my next trip, upping my mileage, and my all-around health.

if you'd like to check out what i do with the rest of my time, see below!

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