Sunday, March 30, 2014

new goals!

i went running (at the gym) wednesday night for the first time since the royal family 5k on february 21st. i have literally not had time to go in a MONTH. i was dreading it and almost didn't go. i was afraid the little endurance i'd worked so hard to improve would have dissipated completely, and that i'd be in a ton of pain afterwards.

so i didn't push myself. i ran for 25 minutes with one 1-minute walk break in the middle. i didn't push myself to go fast at all.

and you know what? i was able to run those two stretches without stopping or feeling like death. the endurance had stuck with me even though i hadn't run a single step in five weeks.

and i wasn't sore afterwards, either!

the next major running goal i have is the tower of terror 10-miler in october. that's six months away. running 3.1 miles without stopping (or with any kind of decent time) is still a challenge, but six months is PLENTY of time for me to improve my distance AND time, without killing myself. i'm so grateful to have so much time and be planning so far ahead!

so here are my goals for the next few months:

april: ignore time; run 3.1 miles easily without stopping.
may: ignore time; run up to 5 miles (with or without breaks, doesn't matter)
june: run 3.1 miles in around 30 minutes; run up to 7 miles at least once

i'm also continuing pilates (i loooooove me some pilates) and stretching at home now, as well.

aaaand as my birthday coincides with the disney marathon every year, i've decided that's how i'm going to celebrate next january: running the marathon. so i'd better hop to my training.

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