Sunday, March 2, 2014

traveling light

i love traveling. i love packing. i hate hate hate dragging around luggage. every time i travel -- by air, particularly -- i try to get everything i need into a carry-on. it means a smaller, lighter bag to roll (or carry) around, and it also means avoiding waiting around at baggage claim (which is THE WORRRRST).

packing light means being very space-efficient (in my mind, efficiency is next to godliness), and probably leaving behind some things i use regularly while at home. i also need to leave space for the presents and souvenirs i'll be bringing home!

it's been so long since i've been to florida, and i've never been in february, so i ended up packing a couple of things i never used, and wishing for a couple i'd left home. i feel like on my next trip i'll have this down almost to a science.

here's what i plan to pack for my next trip to disney (october), no matter how many or few days i'll be there:

two sleeveless tops
two short-sleeved tops
one hoodie
one thin sweater (i have a simple, soft grey pullover that i love -- it rolls up small enough to fit in a purse!)
one pair of shorts
one pair of leggings (particularly comfortable for traveling in)
one pair of jeans
one comfortable, simple dress (just in case)
two bras
extra underwear :)
one swimsuit
two pairs of socks
one pair of sandals/flipflops (i have jellies!! they are my favorite!!)
running shoes (duh)
running costume (duh)
one pair of boots/close-toed shoes (optional; it's possible my running shoes will double for these -- wear to travel)
*one hat (wear to travel)
*one scarf

(i carry a clear travel toiletry bag to contain my liquids)
generic 3oz containers with my regular shampoo and conditioner (switching products unfortunately messes with my scalp)
BB cream
minimal cosmetics (mascara, concealer, 1-2 shadows + brush, eyeliner, blush/bronzer + brush, 1-2 colored lip balms)
mini hairspray
mini body lotion
mini contact solution
contact case
mini face wash
mini body wash
mini loofah
mini deodorant
mini toothpaste
*minimal jewelry
bobby pins
small comb (just in case)
needle and thread (just in case)
1/2" curling iron
plastic poncho for rainy days!

"personal item"/large purse
iPad mini
(laptop if i need to do work while away ... but i try not to bring it)
hand sanitizer
glasses in their case
lip balm
snack (Kind bars are a new favorite)


it looks like a lot of things! it's just very comprehensive. i usually have so much on my day-to-day plate that i will absolutely forget something while packing if i don't make a list of literally everything i require for my trip.

i never ever ever blowed my hair dry when it was long, but now that it's short it only takes 10 minutes. even so, i believe i'll continue to not pack my hair dryer when traveling because it simply takes up too much space. even cheap hotels tend to have one in each room; if you're staying with a friend, odds are they have one lying around that you can borrow. i also don't pack a towel because it takes up too much space. i can deal with bad towels for a few days if that's what i end up stuck with. :)

i have a basic black luggage set with both a large and small suitcase. unless i'm traveling for more than a week, or to some place where i require extra clothing (i.e. my 10-day trip to utah for a film shoot last year, where i needed to bring extra clothing options for costuming), i pack the small case so i don't have to check it.

i've used various shoulder bags over the years as my "personal item," but i feel a need to invest in a good one with a solid strap (my current tote's strap fails every time i use it ...). it needs to be big enough to hold my 13-inch laptop, if necessary, in addition to a book and the other purse basics. i also like to stick a smaller purse in this bag, so i don't have to carry the massive tote around the parks.

what are your vacation necessities? any suggestions to add to my list?

also, i'm in the market for a nice big tote purse. off to troll ASOS (my favorite pastime ...)

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