Tuesday, July 22, 2014

and then ...

almost two weeks ago, my brand-new roommates asked me to move out. which makes me look like a terrible roommate (i'm not). it makes me feel bad.

and so i haven't run in two weeks. i've been couch-surfing, working overtime, and apartment hunting.

oh, and getting rid of almost everything i own. it started out intimidating, but now it feels awesome.

and tomorrow is a beach day.

if i get home in time tonight, i'm going to the gym for a run. if not, i'll live. other things took priority for a bit ... but goddamnit i'm nowhere near my goals.

also, the acting thing has some exciting things going on and so i'm busy with that too (more on that later), so even though my personal life is in completely in shambles and i'm broke as all hell, there is at least a silver thread in the lining.

i'm still fighting for better. for my heart. it still aches.

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